Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cyber-shot phone

Cyber-shot is a line of digital cameras made by Sony. The Cyber-shot range is well known for its proprietary InfoLithium battery pack, the trademark Carl Zeiss lenses and overall design. Also, all Cyber-shot cameras accept Sony's proprietary Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro Duo flash memory. Some high-end models have also supported CompactFlash. All Cyber-shot models have a DSC prefix in their names, which is an acronym for "Digital Still Camera".

In 2006, Sony Ericsson launched a mobile phone using the Cyber-shot branding for the Sony Ericsson K800, featuring a 3.2 megapixel Cyber-shot digital camera and a xenon flash.As a successor to the popular K Series, Sony Ericsson introduced the 'C' Series. The initial handset released under this category was the five megapixel C902, with the C905 announced shortly thereafter. The C905 signals Sony Ericsson's entry into the eight megapixel fight, and with strong camera credentials, the C905 is expected to offer users a strong imaging experience.