Monday, April 20, 2009

My rEceNtly pHonE S.E. S500

front of the S500

back of the S500

Sony Ericsson’s new born is Sony Ericsson S500 not in the series of walkman phone. This is Sony Ericsson’s first slider phone Sony Ericsson USA announced the release of the S500, a device derived largely from the W580 Walkman handset. This S500 is a candybar phone it has EDGE, GPRS, GSM network and have both polyphonic and MP3 ring tones. This Sony Ericsson S500 has been especially designed to hit the youth market of telecommunication with its significant features.

cracks of the keypad

I had that S500 after i lost my W800 last year and I enjoyed using a lot. The only thing with this phone is the keypad cracks easily even though I am not the sms person sort more on calls. I sent it to Sony centre for repairs and their customer service promise they will inform you whether you can send in for repair if the parts available or not. Love the video and music functions a lot and good clarity compared to other competitor music phone is a nuisance and music player is distorted like broken speaker. Nothing still beats SE phones.I don't mind and bought it to use for the matter due to no wifi, infrared and gprs.Unfortunately heard they already discontinue this model probably due to the fact of complaints of warranty repairs within 1yr and they have difficulties finding replacement parts for it unless you go for imitation parts from china which is huge difference and no longer have the smooth slide feelings.